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My vision
Landscape photography is about capturing what has been created by both the human race and mother nature. It's about translating the beauty you see with your eyes to a photographic format. It's about opening other eyes by showing the wonderful world that's around you every day. When you are also able to get through to that last step, you are able to mean something. Because that's what landscape photography is about, the ability to communicate the beauty of what's around you.

Name: Jeroen van Daal

Born on: 23-02-1978
Living in: Utrecht, The Netherlands
MSN Messenger:
Photographer since: 2002
Landscape Preferences: Water,
Rolling landscapes,
My Style: Playing with light
"Foreground oriented"
"All inclusive"
The Two Thirds Rule
Real Life Photography
> Using natural light to paint a landscape
> Creating uniqueness in composition
> Using color rather than B&W or duotone
> Relatively more foreground than sky
> Compositions without loose elements
> Mostly 2/3 foreground, 1/3 background
> Realistic landscapes without modifications
> Minimal inclusion of people as objects
> Compositions that emphasize empty landscapes
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> Design 2

Number of photos: 1243
Number of best of photos: 91
Number of series: 128
Number of regions: 109
Mean focal length: 51.24 mm
Average views: 1908.32
Number of photos in 2003: 52
Number of photos in 2004: 88
Number of photos in 2005: 402
Number of photos in 2006: 323
Number of photos in 2007: 114
Number of photos in 2008: 106
Number of photos in 2009: 123
Visits: Search 45899
Visits: Most visited 9640
Visits: All series 5273
Visits: Last photos 6162

© 2002-2010 - Jeroen van Daal


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